SonoSite Patent for iPad-Ultrasound

A patent has been filed by SonoSite, maker of portable untrasound machines, which converts the iPad into a portable ultrasound device.

SonoSite iPad ultrasound patentThe patent is for an iPad case that would then connect to an ultrasound wand.  The case might also include a battery and most likely additional processing chips to handle the ultrasound images, said Technology Review.

A benefit of this type of design is that many people are already familiar with Apple’s user interface.  Also, while the case would add some bulk to the tablet, the overall package would still be lighter than SonoSite’s current portables.

SonoSite would not be the first to field such a device.  Mobisante, a Washington, based start-up, offers an FDA-cleared ultrasound wand for $7,500 that works with a smartphone.

SonoSite is a self-described world leader in hand-carried ultrasounds.   It has a market capitalization of more than $750 million.

Source: Technology Review

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